Socials are a big part of any university society, and the Photography Society has a lot to offer in this aspect. Some examples of previous and planned socials include:

● Photowalks: As a group we have walked several routes in Exeter and the surrounding area, such as Dartmoor National Park. These tend to last for a few hours depending on the length of the route and are a great way to learn more about the city and nearby photography hotspots and to get some good photos of a new location, although cameras are by no means required!

● Pub Crawls: Join us as we tour some of Exeter’s finest drinking establishments including (but not limited to) The Imperial, The Turks Head and Timepiece nightclub! We have also previously bought disposable film cameras to bring along to these events for you to enjoy and capture the night on.

● Workshops: Not only a great way to interact with others but a great way for beginner photographers to learn the craft. We hope to teach basic photography principles and photo editing, as well as specialties such as sports and street photography.

● X Media Events: We are now partnered with X Media so members will have access to all their upcoming events, stay tuned for more on this!

● Formal Dinner: Towards the end of the terms, we may host a formal dinner to wrap up the term, socialise, and hand out awards.

● Games nights: Setting up a range of games from Mario Kart to poker to board games, whatever your preference is, a great setting to socialise and win prizes.

● We are also considering the possibility of international trips. More information to be provided at a later date.

Our Instagram and web pages will be kept up to date with information about the latest events