(Updated March 2024)

After our award nominated Plymouth photo race, we’re bringing it back for term 3 and this time we’re going to Bath! Gather a team of three and race to be the first to get to Bath stopping off at locations in between such as Bristol and Weston super-Mare to take photos and earn points. The team that reaches Bath first wins the game. Tickets are available on our FIXR page and the full rules can be found on this page and at https://docs.google.com/document/d/10evwa3ghvLuKUiYd-qxrqZucqGOiAQSNkwFznPoR18g/edit?usp=sharing

  1. Entry
    1. Event is open to members and non-members of the Photography Society
    2. Entry tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable without society approval
    3. Entry fee will contribute to the purchase of a train ticket for you, you will not need to buy a ticket separately
    4. Purchasers of a railcard discount ticket must be able to provide a valid 16-25 railcard (or equivalent) for the duration of the game
      1. Photosoc may ask for proof of this prior to the game
      2. Photosoc is not responsible for any fines or extra charges incurred as a result of incorrect ticket purchase
    5. By participating in this game you agree to follow these rules
    6. Failure to abide by any of these rules will lead to a penalty the severity of which will be at the committee’s discretion and based on factors including (but not limited to):
      1. The severity of the rule broken
      2. The advantage gained from breaking the rule
      3. Penalties may include (but not limited to) points deductions, time penalties or disqualification from the game.
    7. The photography society reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event without notice
  2. Team Draws
    1. Maximum of 3 players per team
    2. Teams will be decided internally by the committee
    3. Players may indicate preference on who they are paired with via Fixr or direct messaging
    4. Teams will be drawn once all spots have been filled or 48 hours before the event, whichever happens sooner
      1. Teams may, and are advised to, use this time to create a strategy before the game
  3. Gameplay
    1. The game will begin at Exeter St. Davids Station at 12:00 local time
    2. The game will end at the Prince of Wales Monument in Queen Square, Bath. (what3words: vows.minds.salon)
      1. Players must arrive at the finish before 18:00 local time (the curfew)
    3. Players must be able to show a valid railway ticket for the duration of the game
      1. Photosoc will not cover additional tickets as a result of loss, theft, etc.
      2. Tickets are only valid between Exeter St Davids and Bath Spa stations.
    4. Players must use only public transport between towns and cities throughout the game
      1. Use of private vehicles, including taxis, is not permitted
      2. Use of buses and ferries is permitted at your own expense
    5. Points will be awarded in order of arrival at the finish line as follows:
      • 1st – 5 points,
      • 2nd – 3 points,
      • 3rd – 2 points,
      • 4th – 1 point,
      • 5th – 0 points
    6. Points will only be awarded once all team members are present at the final location
    7. No points will be scored if your team arrives after the curfew
    8. Once the finish line has been reached by a team and have been awarded their finish points, their game is considered finished and may not score any additional points.
    9. Each point of interest will earn 1 point unless otherwise stated
    10. Once a point of interest has been photographed by a group IT CANNOT BE CLAIMED BY ANOTHER GROUP
      1. Photos must be sent to an allocated, public Whatsapp group to be claimed
      2. In the event that multiple groups have posted a point of interest, the one that was posted first will be awarded the point
    11. Each challenge will earn 1 point
    12. Challenges are universal, they may be completed by multiple groups, but can only be completed once per group
      1. Proof of challenge completion must be sent via Whatsapp to be awarded
    13. In the event of a tie in points the win will be awarded to the team that arrived at the final location first
    14. At the conclusion of the game, teams may submit one (1) photo for the best photo award
      1. the chosen winner will receive 3 additional points for their team
      2. photos submitted will be held to a committee vote at the game’s end
    15. There are no technical requirements for the photos as long as they are taken during the game’s duration and the point of interest is clearly visible.
    16. The committee hold the right to pause the game at any time for any reason
      1. In the event of a pause all players must disembark at the next station and not leave the station until told to continue
      2. If a team is not at a station when a pause is called, they must remain at a safe location as soon as possible
      3. No points will be awarded during the pause therefore:
        1. No landmarks can be photographed during a pause
        2. No challenges may be completed during a pause
    17. If one or more teams are heavily impacted by train delays the committee have the right to adjust the curfew as required
  1. Safety
    1. One committee member will be present with each team at all times
    2. Committee members will have access to each other’s locations throughout the game to ensure safety and communication
      1. this information will not be made available to the players
    3. Teams must not split up for the entire course of the game
      1. If teams are split up, either purposely or accidentally, no team members will be allowed to score points until reunited
      2. If any team member(s) is/are late, the team members that were present at the start of the game will be allowed to continue playing but the late team member(s) will not be allowed to score points until present with their team
    4. Players and teams must follow all other legal legislation such as, but not limited to, signs and instructions by railway staff, road signs
    5. Photosoc is not responsible for any damages/injury to personal property as a result of competing in this game
    6. In the event of an emergency the game may be paused as necessary
      1. In the event that this delays the game significantly, the curfew may be adjusted to a later time to compensate at the committee’s discretion
  2. Prizes
    1. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team members in Bath at the conclusion of the game (the prize ceremony).
      1. Winning players will be awarded each a trophy
      2. Alcohol free champagne will also be available for the ceremony