Members of the society have access to our dark room in Cornwall House, and the society will provide the materials and chemicals you need. In order to use it, you will need an induction run by our darkroom secretary. You can get in touch via our email or through one of our social media channels to get more details. This is only due to the fact a lot of very dangerous chemicals are kept in the darkroom and we need to be sure our members know what they are doing, as your safety is always our first concern! Our darkroom inductions are free and run as regularly as we can spare our darkroom secretary, so don’t worry about not getting an induction – you’ll get one eventually! Note that tickets are limited and go fast on our FIXR, so stay tuned with the Instagram page!

We store most of our equipment in the darkroom, so if you decide to rent out equipment you’ll be likely meeting committee in or near the darkroom. If you need help getting to the darkroom, just let us know on the main Instagram!